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Turning cookies into #rosin #rosinpress #hash #rosintech #thc#mrcanucksgrow #solventless#rosinrevolution #rosinevolution
#girlscoutcookies #concentrates #extracts#hashoil #resin

I pre press when I have the right bags for my mold. lately I dont cause the bags I have don’t match the pre press mold I own. .

if I want to dab big I will. I work hard and am able to live richly when it comes to medicating. Appreciate ur weak hate. Lol cause everyone on Instagram wants to see tiny hits…… Said no one ever.

those numbers are far from realistic. Not looking to get into a back and forth on non important issue how ever sounds like your against the solventless rosin extraction process?

I also thought ur initial hate comment was in regards to the dab at the end. I never had 1 person have a problem with rosin solventless hash extraction process… Heard lots of ppl hating on bho. But not rosin?

Post time: Jul-06-2018


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