About Us

Rosin King is a kingdom of rosin press designer and producer. It is a factory, it is a company , it is a trustable marijuana extraction tools and machine supplier.

 Rosin King technologies was founded in 2015,it design and produce the hydraulic ,pneumatic and electric rosin press,the Rosin King also branded enail kits,rosin bags,Pid Controller and Cartridge heaters.

At Rosin King Products, we work hard to bring the best solventless extraction equipment to our customers. We provide education to people all over the world through our solventless experience events, through our team of solventless experts, and our website rosin-kings.com.

Our mission is to spread solventless extraction worldwide by bringing to market best in class products whether you need rosin press at home or you’re looking at our commercial grade products, we have the equipment and the expertise to achieve your goals.


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